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Summer Clearance Sale

Come in to look at, test ride, and get a great deal on a variety of of 2017 earlier year model bicycles — up to 40% off normal price! Just come in and ride, or do your homework and look at our long list of in-stock bikes on sale (including some big savings on previous year Scott or Salsa bikes) at our Sale/Closeout Webpage. We hope to see you in the shop soon — before these great deals are gone!



Pro Bike Fits with Jeff Frame of BioVelo

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Jeff Frame and BioVelo LLC to conduct our advanced “Pro Bike Fits”. Jeff is one of the most influential bike fitters in the country — with an advanced degree in Bio-Mechanics, lecturing and teaching physical therapy, and training and experience in a large variety of bike fitting techniques and systems. He has a true skill for quickly and effectively diagnosing and solving a wide variety of issues with bike fit.

Check out our Bike Fitting Services Webpage on our website for a complete description of our fitting services and prices.

New Gravel Roads

Photo by Bob Recinto

Photo by Bob Recinto

For this riding season, why not get outside and explore new roads, enter new events, or try a different riding discipline? Nebo Ridge Bicycles can help you get further and see more. We are experts in and stocked with a well-chosen selection of new 2017  all-road, gravel,  and cyclocross bikes from Salsa Cycles, Cannondale, Scott and others. For example, we stock the premier line of fat tire, adventure, and gravel bikes made by Salsa Cycles like the Salsa Mukluk, Fargo, Cutthroat, Warbird, or Vaya. Make a Salsa your next adventure bike!

Join Team Nebo Ridge

Nebo Pack Thur Night Grunge JJ

You can join the vibrant, local, grassroots racing and enthusiast cycling club Team Nebo Ridge Inc. (TNR). Join the team now and participate in their many fun and challenging rides and events this season. How ’bout the Ride Across INdiana? The Hilly 100? DINO MTB races? Fun weekend rides and dozens and dozens of training or group rides!  TNR has over 100 members — some of whom race — but all of whom love cycling. Members cover about every cycling discipline (e.g. road, mountain, gravel, cyclocross, track). Membership is only $85 and gets you your first team jersey for free. Go to the TNR Website to learn more.

Buy Where You Ride

Your local bike shop is a cornerstone of  community that provides trained staff to keep your bike running smoothly, experts to answer your questions, and a reflection of your community’s passion for riding. We employ local riders, support local charities and organizations, support cycling teams and clubs, help educate about all things cycling, and lead and organize local rides and events. We work to improve local trails and pathways and make them and our roads safer for all. Finally, your local bike shop is always there with a smile when it’s time to play!

Support your local bike shop; support us here at Nebo Ridge Bicycles; support your local community.