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Celebrating the best in Indiana cycling

Our Winter Training Program is Here!

Download the program brochure with our full program, details, and instructions to sign up! 


Weekly Saturday Coffee Shop Training Ride –10 a.m. or 10:30 a.m.
The Scoop Coffee and Ice Cream House
305 S. Main St., Zionsville

This weekly ride leaves every Saturday morning through winter at either 10 a.m. or 10:30 a.m. from The Scoop on Main Street in Zionsville. Choose the first group if you want to hit some hills hard, but ride conversationally in between. Choose the later, second group if you want to keep it laid back the entire ride (circa 17 mph) and avoid some of the hills. Both rides finish about noon. The rides go off as long as the temperature is above 30 degrees and it isn’t snowing or raining. These are not "no drop" rides. 

New Bike Trends and Highlights

First, before I get to new bikes coming for 2015, remember this is the time of year you can find outstanding closeout pricing on quality Cannondale, Scott, Electra, Ridley, and Pinarello bikes. Just go to our webpage at and click on the closeout menu on the left. And feel free to call us to ask questions; you will get to talk to a real, knowledgeable employee.

OK – on to new bikes. New 2015 models are coming in the door every day. I want to share my personal, top level observations on three big trends from suppliers.


  • Within a year or two, disc brakes will come on over half of all new road bikes. Most major bike manufacturers are accelerating for 2015 their offerings of road bikes with disc brakes. As mountain and cross riders have already discovered, you can enjoy the stopping power and versatility that disc brakes bring in all weather conditions. You can now take that carbon/light/hi-performance bike out on just about any road surface. Further pushing the movement to disc brakes: the UCI road bike international sanctioning body is expected soon to legalize disc brakes for the Spring Classic races on the cobblestone and bad roads of Belgium and northern France. For our riding here in Indiana, disc brakes coupled with high-performance, well-made frames and forks make sense. We’ve got lots of gravel and bad chip and seal roads here. Cannondale’s Synapse Disc road bikes and their CAAD X disc cyclocross model bikes offer some of the best road disc and gravel road/cyclocross disc set-ups in the industry. Check out the new disc Synapses at Or better yet come in our shop to feast your eyes on these beauties and test ride one.


  • The trend for new and better offerings of versatile and practical transportation bikes continues – with a retro styling flair. We’ve been looking for some time now for an updated version of what we call the perfect Carmel or Zionsville town and market bike. And this year our longtime supplier Electra Bicycles (known for its popular Townie model) is delivering big-time with its brand new Loft bike model. Great classic looks and colors. Updated lightweight but solid, low-maintenance components. Fair pricing starting below $500. These will be fantastic bikes for enjoying a ride on the path or rail trail, and most models have a built-in rear rack that you can easily kit out with bags for your ride to the market or for commuting. Check them out at and consider ordering one now for you and yours for the Holidays or the upcoming season.


  • Certainly twenty-six inch wheeled mountain bikes are pretty much dead except for younger teenagers and riders under 5’ tall. (E.g. check out our closeout on 26” MTB tires!) For our typical cross-county type riding here in Indiana, you will see manufacturers and retailers offering both 27.5” and 29” wheeled bikes – typically the “29er” in large and XL sizes – or for riders over about 5’9”, and the newer 27.5” wheeled mountain bikes for small/medium/large riders from 5’ up to 5’10”. Occasionally, if you have grown up with BMX bikes, or on the other end of the spectrum, you are coming from a road bike background, you may be more comfortable going for the smaller or larger wheel, respectively. Scott USA offers a great selection of Scale front-suspension MTB’s and Spark dual-suspension mountain bikes, AND typically offers each model in both wheel sizes! For more on this issue and the debate on wheel size, see Scott’s website and essay at

Winter Apparel Galore

We are fully stocked now with cycling-specific, winter base layers from Castelli (Italy) and Endura (Scotland); with great leg/knee/arm warmers, gloves and booties from Sugoi (Canada) and Castelli; with winter jerseys; and with a great selection of both soft and hard-shelled outerwear pieces. By layering, you will keep riding for as long into the colder season as you want – GUARANTEED. And don’t forget a good light. NiteRider offers a great series of rechargeable, bright LED lights starting at $69.99 for a whopping 250 lumens of light. (And they offer the “Mako” non-rechargeable 150 lumen light for $29.99.)

Recurring Events

Weekly Wednesday Night Gravel Road Ride – 6 p.m.
Turkey Foot Nature Park Parking Lot

Defeat the inky dark and ride 28 miles of mostly gravel. Very pretty if you could only see it. Good front and rear lights are required. Meet at the parking lot at the north end of Turkey Foot Road in Zionsville and you will immediately be transported into the woods and gravel. Not a cushy ride. Cyclocross or mountain bike recommended. This ride will go as long as the temperature is above 30 degrees and it is not raining hard or blizzard conditions!

Weekly Saturday Coffee Shop Training Ride –10 a.m./10:30 a.m.
Scoops Coffee & Ice Cream Shop
Main St., Zionsville

This weekly ride leaves every Saturday morning through winter from Scoops in Zionsville on Main Street kitty-corner from the Friendly Tavern. There are really two groups or rides this year: enthusiast riders (18-21 mph) leave at 10 a.m., and more casual (16-17 mph) riders will leave at 10:30 a.m. Both will finish about noon. The rides go off as long as the temperature is above 30 degrees and it isn’t snowing or raining. Distance is 23-35 miles depending on the the group you choose.


With some big events yet on people’s calendars, if you have ANY problems with your bike, please bring your bike to our Service Department for a free analysis and quote and quick and professional work. This time of year, we can turn your bike around in one to two days (and often same day) and get your machine in perfect order. Please don’t settle for an unsafe machine and ride – especially when you ride with others.


We always have great new products for the season. We’ve just put out most of our fall and winter apparel. No surprise, but layering is critical for keeping comfortable this time of year, and for having an efficient and versatile riding wardrobe. We have an unsurpassed variety of cycling specific baselayers available to choose from. We have Castelli Flanders pieces – all with ribbed main bodies for better wicking and warmth and mesh under-arms for better comfort. The Flanders Wind long-sleeve adds a windproof front making it perfect for two-layer systems. For layering, you might also try the more traditional merino wool piece from Endura – the Baa Baa Baselayer. This is a great baselayer or a great lay-around-the-cabin piece.

Of course, we’ve got in this year a fantastic new collection of jackets – from the expedition weather-proof but breathable PTFE Venturi II shell from Endura – to great road riding soft shells from Castelli (the Trasparente is wonderful down below freezing), from Sugoi, and from Endura.<br><br>

Finally, don’t forget your new Garmin 1000 to help you navigate the back roads of your ‘burb into the wilds of Indiana. This new Garmin adds to the legendary and dependable GPS/speed/HR system, a bigger touch screen, magnet-free sensors, and enhanced interfaces with phones and other devices.


Late last year, Nebo Ridge Bicycles was again named by the industry's top trade magazine, Bicycling Retailing, as a Top 100 Bike Shop. The year before Bicycling Magazine – also named us as a Top 100 Shop. We are proud of these designations and invite you to come in our shop and discover why we've received this award.

Besides our great service, expert mechanics, premier fitting services, and broad support of bicycling in our community – we have put the "indie" in the designation of independent retailer. We have done our homework and selected FOR YOU a superior set of bicycling-related products to delight and serve your cycling needs. We are not beholden to any one bike manufacturer or supplier. Come in and see what the buzz is all about.

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