Bike Fitting

Pain and discomfort should not occur when you ride your bike! Bicycling is most comfortable and efficient when your bike is sized and adjusted to fit your body correctly. Purchasing the right sized bike in the first place is only half the story. And as you develop as a cyclist, your needs may change and require fine-tuning.

Fit Area4

For new road bikes, fit is so important that we offer a FIT GUARANTEE with every road bike purchased from us. When we sell you a road bike, we take basic body measurements, explore your riding history and plans, help you choose and encourage you to test ride candidate bicycles, and then guarantee you get the right sized bike. Before taking home your new bike, we set your initial saddle and handlebar height for you, AND encourage you to return after a few rides and take advantage of our free Basic Bike Fit (see details below), which is provided at no additional charge with your bike purchase, where we perfect your fit!

Our shop utilizes a dedicated fitting area, FitKit and Serotta measurement tools, a Wahoo KICKR Smart Trainer and the Zwift social media app, and a combination of methodologies derived from FitKit, Serotta, Waterford, and local but nationally-known expert fitters at BioVelo LLC. Our advanced fits, or “Pro Bike Fits”, are conducted for us by Jeff Frame of BioVelo and include a flexibility analysis, a biomechanical analysis, and a dual-axis simultaneous video analysis performed with Kinovea software and tools. Bike fits are done on an appointment basis only. Check details and pricing below, or call us at (317) 471-1089 to schedule or discuss.

Craig’s List Fit — $75

Interested in knowing what size bike is best suited for you? Looking into buying a bike on-line? Make sure you know what size of bike to purchase. For major bicycle makes and models, we can take basic body measurements and provide you with information to help guide you in purchasing a used bike. If within 30 days you decide instead to buy a new bike from us, we credit the cost of your Craig’s List Fit to your new bike purchase.

Basic Bike Fit — $150

Our Basic Bike Fit includes reviewing your cycling history and goals, measuring key physical attributes, and measuring and analyzing key positions while on your bike mounted on and using our Wahoo KICKR SmartTrainer and the Zwift online app. Our fitter will then recommend and make certain adjustments to your bike to improve your comfort and efficiency. We provide free installation of any necessary fitting-related new equipment (e.g. new stems, handlebars, saddles or seatposts). You come ready to ride, with your bike and regular riding clothing and shoes. Our Basic Bike Fit typically takes 90 minutes.

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Pro Bike Fit — $250

Our Pro Bike Fits are conducted by Jeff Frame of BioVelo. Jeff will conduct a flexibility analysis and an in-depth analysis of your fit and riding positions (both before and after changes). Our Pro Bike Fit incorporates biomechanical testing and analysis by Jeff and utilizes our dual-axis, simultaneous Kinovea video analysis tools to study your riding position and fit. Jeff reviews with you in detail your bike fit – before and after implementing recommendations.

We aim for, and most often achieve, increased comfort and/or power and speed on your bike from your Pro Bike Fit. We budget two hours for the Pro Fit. For tri-bikes or time trial bikes, or road bikes with aero bars, there is a $50 surcharge and we budget an additional 30 minutes to take account of necessary additional measurements and adjustments.