Coaching and Physiological Testing


Off-Season Indoor Training Program

For over eight seasons, our Off-Season Indoor Training Program has provided participants a fun, structured, rigorous, coach-led indoor cycling program to get them in prime shape before the outdoor cycling season starts. Our coaches provide a comprehensive written cycling training plan – for 6 weeks before the Christmas Holidays – and for 8 weeks following the New Year. Participants undergo threshold testing and are given written training zones to guide workouts. (See FTP Testing below.) Participants attend at least two instructor-led, indoor group workouts per week in our Coaching Annex. (We provide fluid trainers.) Participants typically have the option during the program of taking additional Pilates/yoga sessions designed especially for cyclists.IndoorTraining

Our experienced lead coaches are great – certified by USA Cycling – and know how to motivate, cajole, and inspire you.

This program is recommended for BOTH the advanced and beginner rider! We have seen beginner riders use their time indoors with their coach and other riders to absorb technique, to learn, and to gain the fitness and confidence to take their outdoor cycling to a whole new level come March or April!

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Functional Threshold Power (“FTP”) Testing — $75

When training, it’s good to know what is happening physiologically. You may have heard riders talking about riding in “Zone 3” or “tempo” or having an “FTP of 200 watts”. Our Functional Threshold Power (or “FTP”) test breaks this all down for you and is ideal for determining baseline fitness levels. Based on your test result, we provide you with training zones (based on heart rate and/or power) that you can use in your training and planning to track progress over time. Your Functional Threshold Power or FTP is most often defined as the maximum power you can maintain without fatiguing on your bike for an hour. When you can raise your FTP, you know you can hang longer with the group on the training ride or hit with confidence those muscle-shattering hills late in a race.

Our FTP test is $75, takes approximately one hour, and involves warming up and testing on your bike while set up on our CompuTrainer system — from which we gather an excellent set of accurate data and generate your training zone chart. You will need your bike, your riding clothes, a towel for sweat, a water bottle, and a strong will!