Service Department

Our service department’s professional mechanics are full-time, experienced, approachable, and some of the best wrenches in the Midwest. They operate in the open – for all to see and ask – and aim to get you quickly back on and keep you on your bike.


We work on all makes and models of bicycles – from the latest and greatest aero, carbon race machine – to a vintage keepsake – to the rough-and-tumble kid’s or collegiate’s get-around bike.

We offer a variety of bike tune-up packages varying from $45 (standard single speed), to $70 for standard geared bikes, to $105 for our premium tune & polish, to $250-350 for a premium bike overhaul where we essentially tear apart, clean and lube, and reassemble your entire bike. All tune-ups include at a minimum cleaning and lubing chains and drivetrains; checking all fasteners; truing wheels; and adjusting and tuning brakes, gearing/shifters, headsets, bottom brackets, wheel hubs, and headsets.

We offer flat tire/or tube replacement or repair while-you-wait.

Come in and check out our service department – or call with questions at (317) 471-1089. If you bring your bike in, we will evaluate your bike while-you-wait and provide a free quote for our recommended service. You can either drop your bike off (lead times for service vary depending on the season) or, if you have limited time, make a service appointment by phone.