The Death March
Sat., March 10, 2018, 10 am
Midwest Trail Ride, Norman, IN

A great early season challenge. Two-person teams choose and navigate courses in the Hoosier National Forest varying in terrain and distance (30 to 70 miles). You choose which historical graveyards to visit to pick up time bonuses. You WILL enjoy climbing the Fire Tower, the hills, the weather, and the camaraderie of you fellow early-season cyclists. You’ll need either a mountain bike or cross or gravel bike.

Rollfast 8×8 Challenge
Sunday, April 15, 2018
Brown County State Park, Nashville, IN

Find out for yourself how tough the road course for the 1987 Pan-Am Games really was. It broke riders from Columbia, Mexico, the USA, Canada and other countries without discrimination. Flat Indiana? Then enter this timed ride of up to eight loops on an infamous 11.7 mile paved loop all within Brown County State Park. You’ll achieve over 7500 feet of climbing, and then you’ll appreciate your flatland group rides even more! This is a great early season test. There is little or no racing on hills like this. It’s all about mental courage and tenacity.

Salsa Michigan Coast-to-Coast Grovel Grinder
Sat., May 12, 2018
Ludington, MI

This first time race is receiving lots of buzz among endurance riders of all stripes. Choose the true “coast-to-coast” gravel and doubletrack course grinding 210 miles from the Saginaw Bay, through the Manistee National Forest, and to on the sandy beaches of Ludington on the west side of Michigan. Or choose “merely” the 100 miler loop starting and finishing in Ludington.

The Assault on Mt. Mitchell
Mon., May 14, 2018
Spartanburg, S. Carolina

Road climbers rejoice at this 103 mile timed ride from Spartanburg, through Marion N.C. and on up to the Blue Ridge Parkway, and then a final 5 or 6 miles up to peak of the highest point east of the Mississippi, Mt. Mitchell. Besides the challenge of 10,000 feet of ascent, you’ll find lots of support and sag along the way.

The Gravel Grovel
Sat., Nov. 24, 2018, 10 am
Midwest Trail Ride, Norman, IN

This is the crazy race that started the current “Hoosier” era of gravel road racing when it started 10 years ago. Try a hilly 60 mile course full of creeks, gravel, some trail (usually the Nebo Ridge trail), mud, some asphalt — and some of the fastest and toughest riders this side of the Atlantic. Some will ride mountain bikes, some cyclocross, some gravel bikes. Just make sure your gearing permits climbing — over and over again! Of course, there’s also a 20 mile course if you just want to just get your feet wet and enjoy the Hoosier National Forest. I love this race and how it highlights a very beautiful part of Indiana during a time of year that can be as challenging as energizing (i.e. cold and wet)!